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Away from the Boyzone spotlight, unbeknown to the fans of the boyband; Keith had met the girl of his dreams on September 9th 1994. Keith is precise on the date as he says himself; ‘It was the night we became an item. I remember the date so well. I had chased her for months before I caught her. I’d known her for years and I’d always fancied her from afar.’ He had known Lisa Smith before his Boyzone journey had even begun and has often credited her with keeping his feet firmly on the ground. He says; ‘When I went out with Lisa at first, I hadn’t a penny. She was working full time and she bought me clothes and would take me out at the weekend!’


The relationship lead to the birth of their first child; a little boy, Jordan Scott on 22nd April 1996. Keith has often stated he sees Jay as his best pal as well as his son. He has said he found out about his impending fatherhood while backstage at ‘Top of the pops’ waiting to perform the single, ‘Father and son.’  The song, ‘Crying in the night’ was written by Ronan, Shane and Stephen for Keith in the lead up to Jordan’s birth.


Keith married his ‘soul mate,’ Lisa on 24th June 1998 in Las Vegas; he kept the wedding a secret from his wife-to-be until two days before; Lisa recalled; ‘We were sitting in New York having dinner and Keith wasn’t himself. I asked him if he was alright and he kind of played it off but then he said: ‘There’s something you should know, as everyone here knows.’ I looked at him and got a little bit of a fright. Then he got stuck for words and asked Ronan to help. So Ronan produced a piece of paper with two rings wrapped in it, put them in front of me and said: ‘You’re flying to Las Vegas and you are going to be married there.’ I couldn’t believe it. I cried and then I laughed and got hysterical and cried again!’


it was a short and simple ceremony and it was just Ronan as best man, Stephen as a witness, Yvonne Keating as maid of honour and Boyzone’s stylist Alex Delves who were there.  They had a blessing back in Ireland that included all their families.


As Boyzone were becoming more and more established, the band members were afforded more opportunities to do things as individuals aside from the group. Keith was no different and he went onto do a couple of presenting jobs; The Pepsi Chart Show on Channel 5 and the Saturday morning show, SM:TV live on ITV1 with Mikey and the regular presenters.


Back in the Boyzone bubble, a few of the members were getting restless and it was decided that the five of them would take a break after their ‘best of’ tour had finished, to ‘find themselves again,’ before regrouping for a stadium tour a year later. While some members couldn’t wait to get away, Keith voiced his concerns at taking a break at that time, thinking they should keep going two or three more years to consolidate what they had.


Despite admitting that ‘his whole world came crashing down’ when Boyzone ended, 2000 was a busy year for Keith both personally and professionally.


His second child; a little girl, Mia was born on 11th March & he got a job up in Glasgow, presenting Saturday morning kids show, FBi (Fully Booked interactive) from the

April to the September.


Written & Researched by Leonie Stevens

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