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After another successful tour, all the lads planned to take a few months out to work on a new studio album and also spend some time on their own individual careers. First on the agenda for Keith was a touring play of Ireland called ‘My First Time.’ Sadly, the 10th October changed all that, Keith’s beloved bandmate, friend & brother, Stephen passed away at the age of 33 of an undiagnosed heart condition. Needing time to grieve, the play – due to start on 14th October – was cancelled. (It later took place in February 2010, with another actor playing Keith’s part)


The end of November saw Keith back at work on Coronation Street; reprising his role as chef/barman; Ciaran McCarthy. It gave him something to focus on through an immensely difficult time. His character was seen back on screen charming the ladies as usual from February 2010. His initial contract was for six months with an option to sign for another six.


Initially after Stephen’s passing; Boyzone’s future as a band was unclear, but after much discussion it was decided that the best tribute to their friend would be to release the album he'd been so excited about. Taking things step by step; ‘Gave it all Away’ was released 1st March 2010 reaching No. 9 in the UK and No.1 in Ireland. A week later, the album ‘Brother’ was released, soaring straight to the top of the charts in both the UK & Ireland.


Performing on stage without Stephen was a huge worry for the boyz, with Keith admitting that Stephen gave him confidence when he was feeling insecure about himself, but they took tentative steps towards the future with a performance at the end of one of Ronan’s solo shows at The Royal Albert Hall on 11th March. Encouraged by the success of the album and finding strength in being together, the band put tickets on sale for the ‘Brother’ tour due to start in February 2011.


The beginning of April 2010 saw Keith take on another challenge, taking part in reality show; ‘The Door.’ Made by the same people who created ‘I’m a celebrity... Get me out of here,’ it saw six celebrities do bush tucker style tasks but in a studio in London. Keith took on each test with confidence. Showing no fear; he became the eventual winner, with his prize money going to TreeHouse; the national charity for autism education.


Keith spent most of 2010 juggling his Coronation Street role with his Boyzone duties as well as his ongoing campaigning for autism charities, one of them being ‘Talk about autism’ an initiative set up by TreeHouse aiming to increase public understanding of the disability.


The next single from Boyzone’s album ‘Brother’ - ‘Love is a Hurricane,’ was released May 17th 2010; it featured some solo vocals from Keith for the first time on any single.


Keith stayed with Corrie for the rest of the year; his character eventually starting a romance with Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) after a will-they-won’t-they storyline that played out gradually over a few months. He also had the privilege of being involved with the 50th Birthday celebrations – Ciaran played hero yet again when there was an explosion at the bar he worked at and a tram came crashing off the viaduct above, onto the street. Keith played a part in the live episode broadcast in December in a special week of programmes that celebrated Britain’s longest running soap.



Written & Researched by Leonie Stevens

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