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2002 - 2005


Ciaran McCarthy


Keith's character, Ciaran arrived on the street in 2002 as the naval friend of Peter Barlow. He made a pass at his mate's wife-to-be, Shelly and was promptly shown the door


He re-appeared a while later and made it up with Peter. He got a job in the cafe as a chef (which had been his job in the Navy) helping out Roy and Hayley. Ciaran then started dating Sunita but their romance was cut short when he was arrested for being AWOL.


After doing time, Ciaran came back to the street for Sunita, who he walked in on as she was being proposed to by Dev. The two men vied to win her heart but Dev eventually stepped aside and Ciaran asked Sunita to marry him. Although it wasn't long before he began to get cold feet about the whole marriage thing. But he didn't want to let her down.


Shelly's mum, Bev hired him to work behind the bar at the Rovers when they were short staffed and he proved to be good at the job. On Shelly's return, she wasn't happy with the new addition but she allowed him to stay. After getting drunk one night, Ciaran had a one-night stand with Bev, who then became infatuated with him.


The fall-out from Peter's two marriages (which Ciaran knew about already) happened and Ciaran took Shelly's side and kept his job. His own wedding day arrived but he did everything he could to get out of it, including punching Dev on his stag night and getting arrested for it. Dev, however, refused to press charges and made sure he got to the registry office on time. Ciaran was relieved when Sunita said she couldn't go through with it either, even though he still cared for her.


2004 saw Ciaran have a relationship with Tracy Barlow but she was only with him because of the promise of the money he hoped to get from his new business venture. He opened a restaurant with the help of investment from Penny King (Mike Baldwin's partner at the time.) It didn't all go to plan and the business was losing money. Ciaran decided to sell the restaurant and Tracy persuaded him to dupe Penny into thinking they'd sold it for less than they had, so they could pocket the difference. In the end Ciaran couldn't see it through and Tracy dumped him for being a loser


After that Ciaran got his job back in the Rovers. He proved his friendship to Sunita when he accompanied her to her wedding to Dev. He also proved his bravery when he saved Dev from their burning flat - which Mad Maya caused.


Getting on with his job in the pub it slowly became apparent that Shelly's boyfriend, Charlie Stubbs was abusing her. After initially trying to keep out of things, Ciaran did everything he could to be there for Shelly. But when he wrongly assumed that shelly's two black eyes had been caused by Charlie hitting her - instead of the plastic surgery it really was. Charlie taunted him about it and Ciaran went for him, resulting in Shelly ordering him to leave her boyfriend alone. He did just that, quitting his job and leaving weatherfield for good; looking up at Shelly's window as he left.

+ Wednesday 7th August 2002 - Episode 5316

Peter introduces his friend Ciaran McCarthy to Shelley. Shelley gets to the end of her tether when Geena comes in for a drink and Peter and Ciaran leave to go to a lap-dancing club.


+ Friday 9th August 2002 - Episode 5317

Ciaran charms Eileen and Audrey.


Shelley is fed up that Peter would obviously rather spend time with Ciaran than her.


+ Sunday 11th August 2002 - Episode 5318

Shelley is annoyed about the mess Peter and Ciaran have made, but quickly succumbs to Ciaran's charms.


Shelley gets the impression that Ciaran is cracking on to her.


+ Monday 12th August 2002 - Episode 5319

Ciaran tries to get Shelley into bed whilst Peter is asleep. Shelley refuses and pulls away.


+ Wednesday 14th August 2002 - Episode 5320

Shelley tries to avoid Ciaran as she feels uncomfortable with him.


Ciaran comes on to Shelley again suggesting they could have sex while Peter is out at work tomorrow.


+ Friday 16th August 2002 - Episode 5321

Shelley confides in Sunita about Ciaran making passes at her. Sunita thinks she ought to tell Peter but Shelley doesn't want to ruin their friendship.


Ciaran again makes a pass at Shelley only this time she gets angry and threatens to tell Peter. Ciaran says that if she utters a word to Peter he will tell Peter that it was she making a pass at him. Shelley is worried.


+ Sunday 18th August 2002 - Episode 5322

Shelley tells Peter that Ciaran made a pass at her. Peter is furious.


Peter accuses Ciaran of trying it on with Shelley. Ciaran denies it and says that Shelley made a pass at him. Peter doesn't know what to believe.

Peter and Shelley have it out. Shelley is upset that Peter could even question her fidelity. She realises that he doesn't trust her.


+ Monday 19th August 2002 - Episode 5323

Shelley is staying with Sunita. She can't bring herself to speak to Peter and Ciaran. Ciaran continues to make Peter think that it was Shelley who made a pass at him.


Peter and Ciaran go for a drink in the Rovers. Shelley tells Ciaran exactly what she thinks of him. Steve tells Peter that he thinks he should believe Shelley and not Ciaran as Ciaran tries it on with any woman who crosses his path. Peter realises Steve is right. Peter accuses Ciaran of being jealous and trying to split him and Shelley up. He tells Ciaran to get his things and get out.


+ Monday 23rd December 2002 - Episode 5405

Peter and Shelley's engagement party takes place in the Rovers. Peter gives Shelley a ring, she's delighted. Peter's old Navy friends turn up and so does Ciaran McCarthy. Ciaran says he wants to be friends again but Peter throws him out.


+ Friday 27th December 2002 - Episode 5407

Vera takes Ciaran on in the cafe as Roy is still away and Ciaran was a chef in the Navy.


Peter and Shelley are upset that Ciaran is still around and working in Roy's Rolls.


Tracy gets all dolled up for a date with Ciaran but bumps into Dev instead.


+ Sunday 29th December 2002 - Episode 5408

Ciaran tries to arrange another date with Tracy but she plays hard to get. Shelley tries to persuade Hayley not to employ Ciaran. Hayley confronts Ciaran and Ciaran confesses to Hayley that he tries to make a pass at Shelley but that he's sorry and now wants to make amends. Hayley tells him he can keep his job and that he can have the spare room in the flat. Ciaran is delighted.


Deirdre is shocked when Tracy tells her that she didn't go out with Ciaran in the end but picked up another man in the pub.


+ Monday 30th December 2002 - Episode 5409

Roy is rather bemused to find that Hayley has employed Ciaran whilst he's been away and furthermore, that Ciaran is living with them.

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