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Peter was rushed to hospital, his life hanging in the balance. Leanne went to be with her fiancé and with his future looking bleak; the couple chose to marry there & then, before things took a turn for the worse. Carla had followed them to the hospital, desperate to know how the man she had developed feelings for, was.  After she returned from Ciaran quizzed her on how his best mate was, devastated at the idea of losing him but Carla couldn't give him the reassurance he needed. Peter had internal bleeding around the heart and needed an operation to stop it. It was touch and go if he would make it through but slowly he improved & the prognosis became more positive.


The day after the disaster, the whole street were struggling to come to terms with the previous nights' events - the wreckage looked even worse in the daylight. Ciaran was helping out in The Rovers; the pub still a refuge for people who couldn't go home.  News of Peter's improvement reached him via Deirdre and he was delighted to hear; although his friend had a long way to go, regarding rehabilitation to regain his full mobility; he was out of any immediate danger. Michelle was also back from Glasgow, where she had been visiting Ryan, she was shocked to come home to such devastation but relieved Ciaran was relatively unscathed.


People began talking about what caused the explosion - busybody Norris Cole questioned Ciaran knowing he had had problems with the gas that night, but really he was pointing the finger at Nick as the owner. It was eventually found that faulty equipment was to blame, meaning neither Nick nor Ciaran were held accountable.


Ciaran was still helping out in The Rovers on Christmas Day, where he finally got the opportunity to apologise to Betty for stealing her hot pot recipe! Working in the pub wasn't a permanent arrangement, however, and with The Joinery now a pile of rubble at the end of the street, Ciaran needed to find another job. Seeing him down in the dumps over his situation, Tina suggested he apply for the chef job at The Flying Horse. He did just that and went for an interview. It went well for him & he got the job but as he was leaving, he spotted Peter & Nick at a table drinking alcohol. Nick, who was still in love with Leanne even though she had finished their affair, was trying to coax Peter back on the booze, in the hope it would cause trouble for the newly married couple and allow him back in with her. Peter was vulnerable and with the pressure of his injuries getting to him, he gave in. Ciaran; seeing this, got angry and wheeled Peter away (against his wishes.) The scene he caused cost him his new job before it even started & he was back to square one. Walking Peter back to the street, the two of them continued arguing; Ciaran insisting he should tell Leanne of his lapse but Peter thinking otherwise. During their exchange, Peter went for his mate but Ciaran's reactions were too quick and it resulted in Peter lying on the floor, having fallen out of his wheelchair. Exasperated; Ciaran, helped Peter back into his chair but left him to it from there, heading towards The Rovers to meet Michelle.


When Michelle arrived at the pub, Ciaran was already a long way through his pint. He told her he didn't get the job and it had been given to a mate of the landlord instead - although from the look on his face when she walked in, Michelle had reached that conclusion by herself. However, she was oblivious to what had really gone on. She'd only been there a minute or so when Ciaran downed the last of his drink and declared he had something to do - that something, was paying a visit to Nick...


Ciaran was angry at Nick for standing by and allowing Peter to drink again, he wanted to know exactly what he was up to. Nick, playing innocent, claimed he was keeping an eye on him; saying that he & Peter having been with each other during the explosion and subsequent tram crash meant they had been through too much together to ever try and hurt him. Ciaran backed down, apologising if he had got the wrong end of the stick; explaining, that as Peter's best mate; he only ever wanted the best for him.


With there being no work forthcoming in Weatherfield, Ciaran came upon his dream job during his search on the internet - the problem was, it was thousands of miles away, as a chef on a Caribbean cruise and meant three months away from Michelle. He was successful in his application for the job and Michelle was disappointed to be told he would be flying out that weekend, meaning the couple only had a few days together before they would have to be parted. Ciaran tried to reassure his girlfriend that it would be easy for them to keep in contact and before they knew it, the 3 months would be over. The two of them made plans to make their last night together extra special; however, Carla threw a spanner in the works by making Michelle go to a meeting with prospective client, Frank Foster. Michelle really didn't want to go, upset at having sacrifice any part of her last evening with her man but her boss didn't think an hour delay would make much difference and persuaded her to go ahead with it.


That evening came and Ciaran was in The Rovers moping at the prospect of being away from his girl for months, waiting for her to finally finish work so they could spend precious time together. Time went on and Michelle still couldn't get away from the meeting, with Frank Foster seemingly wanting to talk about anything other than the job in hand. Michelle explained in a phone call to Ciaran that she didn't feel able to move proceedings along, as she was still new to it all and learning how these things worked. Ciaran was getting more & more put out as the conversation went on, feeling Frank was taking advantage of the situation and knew exactly what he was doing.


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Written & Researched by Leonie Stevens

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