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While Michelle set about rescuing the factory, Ciaran popped in on Peter for a catch up - it gave him the chance to give his friend the good news of his engagement. When he went into the pub later, he saw Lloyd for the first time since he got back & at the same moment; met Karl, who took an instant dislike to him because as was typical of Ciaran, he was flirting with Karl's girlfriend; Stella. Michelle joined her fiancé for a drink & had to be reminded to ring her mum and tell her their news - their change of plans meant they wouldn't have time to visit Ireland before heading off to the Bahamas. Once she got off the phone, Ciaran was shocked to find out; Michelle had told her they'd be getting married in Weatherfield. Her mum had been upset at the idea of them having the wedding abroad, meaning she'd miss her only daughter's big day. The only way Michelle could calm her mum down was to say they'd get married closer to home.


Later on in the evening; knowing Michelle and the team had been working hard on an order to get the factory back on its' feet, Ciaran brought in food for them all. It being Bonfire night, the workers had a break and went & watched the fireworks. While left alone; Ciaran told Michelle he was fine with the idea of marrying in Weatherfield, as long as they could honeymoon in the Bahamas. The couple joined the rest of the team watching the fireworks, where Michelle opened up with Ciaran about her concerns for the factory, explaining the mess Carla had left it in - if it carried on the way it was, chances were Underworld would cease to exist.


Another day, while having lunch with Peter at the Bistro, Ciaran happened upon the idea of asking Nick to help Michelle keep the factory going. After a bit of persuasion, Nick agreed & got in touch with some of his business contacts from when he was involved with Underworld the first time. They managed to entice one contact and things started looking up for the company. Following on from that good news; Michelle was also ecstatic when Ciaran told her, he'd booked the wedding for the next month at the local church.


With Michelle busy at work, it was left down to Ciaran to come up with ideas for their upcoming nuptials. Reading a wedding magazine in The Rovers, perhaps wasn't the best plan though, as it caused Karl & Peter to tease him for it. Peter, playfully. Karl, not so - with him it seemed there was more behind it.


As their time in Weatherfield continued, it became clear that Ciaran & Michelle were pulling in different directions. Michelle was really enjoying being in charge of Underworld and was thriving in the role. Ciaran was still intent on heading back to the ships; he had itchy feet & wanted to travel. It came to a head between them when Michelle confessed she really didn't want to go back on the cruise ships, she was desperate to settle down in one place and she'd found something she was proud & happy doing. Ciaran was disappointed to find that out, as being where they were, just wasn't enough for him. Giving it some thought; though, he'd hoped they could compromise and travel for one more year, before coming back for good. But Michelle didn’t want to go along with it, she knew she was needed at home at that moment and if they were serious about settling down as a married couple (and maybe having children) she believed it needed to be there. After much discussion on how they saw their future; Ciaran eventually agreed to stay put. He still wasn't overly keen on the idea but if there was one thing he did know, it was how much he loved Michelle & if that meant staying there to be with her, so be it...


Settled in his mind that he wasn't going anywhere, he went out looking for a job. The first person he spoke to was Nick, who, as luck would have it, had an opening for a sous-chef at his bistro. Although used to being a head chef, he accepted the position on offer, straightaway. Ciaran was due to start the next evening but Nick caught up with him & asked him to work the lunch time shift instead, as his head chef had, had to ring in sick. That morning Michelle had asked Ciaran to pay the deposit for the wedding venue, with money given to them by her parents. He'd promised her he'd get it paid on time but having to accept the shift change meant postponing the payment. He rushed to the venue after work had finished at 4 o'clock, but arrived to find it had closed five minutes before he got there. That little fact was something he chose not to tell Michelle, thinking he could pay it the next morning without her ever having

to know.


He was spending the evening in The Rovers while Michelle was, again, working late. A few of the lads had been talking about a poker game for a while and that night, they decided to go ahead with it. Karl set up the back room of the pub and Ciaran, Peter, Dev & Kirk went through with their drinks and the games began. It started off friendly, with smaller bets being placed but Ciaran, looking for excitement, was intent on raising the stakes. The rest of them, other than Kirk, were happy to go along with it and proceeded to up their bets. At one point, only Ciaran & Karl were left in; the rivalry between them resulted in them pushing each other higher and higher until they reached ridiculous amounts. Karl put his car keys on the table, saying his car was worth a grand; the only way Ciaran could see that bet would be to put in the £1,000 that was his wedding deposit. In a much needed break from the game, Peter did all he could to persuade Ciaran it was a bad idea and he would most certainly wreck things with Michelle if it didn't go his way. Ciaran thought he knew better than Peter, he was convinced he had a good hand and could win. His overconfidence proved his downfall as it turned out Karl had a better hand & Ciaran lost the lot. His earlier cockiness disappeared in a second and he went home knowing he was in big trouble!


After that, Ciaran spent most of his time trying to get out of the mess he'd stupidly got himself into. Firstly, he headed off to the wedding venue to buy himself a longer deadline to pay the deposit. He told Carrie; the woman in charge, that his debit card had been cancelled due to an unusual pattern of spending (The theory being - the card's use in Manchester flagged up after having been used abroad for several months) Carrie believed his concocted story and gave him two extra days but warned him, if he didn't pay by then, she'd have to let it go. Now all he had to do was get the money...

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Written & Researched by Leonie Stevens

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