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He went straight to Karl and asked for the money back but he'd already bet the majority on the horses and lost it. Ciaran then went and pleaded with Peter (he ran the bookies) to give him the money Karl had squandered. That didn't go down too well with him though, as Ciaran had gone in under the guise of asking him to be best man, (which Peter had been only too happy to accept) instead of him asking straight out. Peter threw him out of the bookies; Ciaran was angry that his mate wouldn't help him, knowing the amount of times he'd 'dragged him out of the gutter' but Peter was angry that Ciaran couldn't be honest with him. Later when Ciaran & Michelle were in the pub, Michelle went over to chat with Leanne (who was there with Peter) about going wedding dress shopping that week. Having been told what had gone on beforehand, Leanne struggled to answer the question. Michelle; in the dark over it all, wondered what she'd missed and was puzzled as to why the atmosphere was so awkward. Peter shifted the attention onto Ciaran when Michelle's puzzling looks were directed at him. But rather than tell his fiancée the truth; Ciaran came up with another story, saying Peter was annoyed when he'd informed him he was going to ask Ryan to be his best man and was no longer coming to the wedding because of it. Michelle had no reason to doubt his word and consequently thought Peter was the one in the wrong.


In further attempts to get the cash, Ciaran tried to get a bank loan but they wouldn't give it to him. He was at a loss as what to do next, until, while left in charge of the bistro that night; a gentleman walked in looking troubled. The two of them got chatting as Ciaran served the man his drink; during their conversation, it was established the man's name was Bob and he'd been all over town, looking for caterers for his mother-in-law's surprise birthday party, happening the following day. He'd had caterers previously but they were shut down by the health inspectors and no one else could help at such short notice, leaving him in a bit of a bind. Ciaran knew a money-making opportunity when he saw one and offered do the food for the bash. They haggled for the price and a deal was agreed at £1,100 with £300 of it being paid up front. After closing, Ciaran set to work on the list of food given to him by Bob. Earlier in the evening, Ciaran had been promoted to head chef so when Nick came in having seen the light still on, he had the perfect excuse for being there after hours - he was experimenting with new dishes in an attempt to revamp the menu. Nick didn't suspect anything and left him to it. Later, when Michelle turned up looking for him as it was past midnight & he still wasn't home; he had a different story again - blaming Nick for making him work so late by taking an outside catering gig for a friend. It did the trick as Michelle felt he was being taken advantage of but left him to carry on working.


The next morning he awoke still in the Bistro, having fallen asleep sat on a stall leaning on the bar. Looking at the time, he got up and sorted the food to go to the party. Giving it all to Bob, thinking he was in the clear and they could settle up, he didn't bargain on having to provide the service as well. However, that's just what happened; Bob wouldn't give him the cash until after the do was over and he'd served the food. Knowing he'd need help, Ciaran collared Tina in the street and asked her if she'd do some waitressing for him. Luckily, she agreed and was happy to go along with Ciaran's one condition of not telling anybody about it - so the two of them headed off to the party venue to set up. The trouble was, he was also due in work at the same time, which lead to yet another story being made up for his employer - this time; in a phone call to Nick, he told him he was ill and at the hospital so wouldn't be in until after lunch. That bit sorted, he got on with serving at the party.


Another thing he hadn't accounted for, however, was the appearance of Audrey who just happened to be a friend of the birthday girl. He couldn't allow her to see him because as Nick's grandmother, she could send his whole plan into disarray. He hid as soon as he saw her and spent most of the time peering round doorways (gauging where she was) in a comic fashion, leaving Tina to do most of the work. After a couple of near misses, he just about managed to avoid Audrey seeing him. Ciaran had to rush off to get to work and thought he could finally get his money but Bob didn't have it on him, so they arranged to meet up somewhere later. Arriving at the Bistro, he explained to a concerned Nick & Gail, that the doctors just found him to have an ear infection - he'd taken so long because they'd had to do tests, to rule out anything more serious. While Ciaran was working away in the kitchen, someone came into the Bistro who would inadvertently ruin all his hard work...


Bob was there to pay him the money he owed; he couldn't make their pre-arranged meeting so thought he'd bring it to him. He explained this all to Nick and believing he was dealing with the company anyway, also gave him the £800 cash. Ciaran came out of the kitchen mid-way through all of that and knew he'd been rumbled; he tried to explain that it was for his wedding deposit but Nick wasn't in the mood for listening. He kept the money and fired Ciaran on the spot.


The next morning, Ciaran was looking solemn, sat at the breakfast counter in Carla's flat. Michelle was chatting to him about the wedding but she could tell there was something wrong; she assumed it was cold feet, as she had done a few times in last few days due to his preoccupied behaviour, but Ciaran explained it away as feeling nervous about the day. Once again he managed to win her over and she went to hug him.


Out on the street, Ciaran waited round the corner outside Dev's shop looking at Nick's (& Gail's) front door. As soon as it opened and Nick walked out, Ciaran rushed up to him; he tried to get his job back but Nick wouldn't budge and their conversation became heated. Peter came along at the right time to diffuse the situation. He asked if Ciaran was ok but all he got was a one word answer and he watched as his mate walked off in the direction of the cafe. A little later, Peter caught up with Ciaran in Roy's Rolls where he was looking through the paper for jobs (preferably one that would pay £1,000 straight up!) Peter started an uneasy conversation with him - things still weren't great between them from what had gone on before - but as with most friends, they were soon talking normally again. Ciaran's problem wasn't going away, though and all of what they spoke about revolved around that. The deadline to pay the deposit had passed by now and he felt the only option left was to come clean...

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Written & Researched by Leonie Stevens

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