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Since he lost the money, he'd been tying himself up in knots trying to keep the truth from Michelle and had so far managed make everything seem like it was running smoothly, to the point of looking like he was the perfect husband-to-be. Every question or concern Michelle had, Ciaran had the answer to talk himself out of it... But all of that was about to come crashing down around his ears...


Michelle had spent the morning wedding shopping with Maria and when that came to a conclusion, she suggested they went and took a look at the venue as it was only a short distance away. Asking to see the function room, Michelle was astonished when Carrie explained they'd had to let their date go as Ciaran had missed the midday deadline to make the payment. She was completely confused; as far as she knew they'd already paid. Carrie's suggestion to speak to Ciaran about it was met with a "Speak to him? I'll kill him!" Michelle went to the Bistro expecting to find her fiancé so she could find out what on earth was going on. However, she was even more astounded to discover he wasn't there and what's more, he'd been sacked for stealing just over £1,000 from Nick. With every piece of information Michelle uncovered, she was getting more and more angry and by now, she really was on the warpath as she headed towards home.


In the meantime, Ciaran had retreated to the flat. He had a visit from Peter, who offered him the £1,000 as a loan, which after a lot of toing and froing, he eventually accepted. He rang Carrie, expecting to be able to sweet-talk her into accepting a late payment, but the expression on his face changed when he was presumably told of Michelle's visit and realised the game was finally up.


Hearing her footsteps outside as she reached the door, Ciaran knew he was in for it. Peter left the pair of them to it as it was clear there was much to talk about. Michelle was exasperated and Ciaran's explanation of losing the money in a card game only left her all the more angry. During their exchange, Carla arrived back home so any further discussion was put on hold. After a brief catch-up, Carla sensed the awkwardness and disappeared to another room to let Michelle & Ciaran carry on where they left off. Ciaran's actions had the couple at breaking point; he was sorry but was still using excuses as to why he did it. He believed they could get through it but she wasn't sure. As he was about to leave for the pub, Ciaran brought up going back on the ships but it just upset Michelle; she couldn't believe he could make a mess of everything, want to run away, and still expect her to drop everything and go with him. He said he'd do what she wanted because he loved her. Michelle cried as he walked out the door.


Michelle's hen do was due to take place that evening but she didn't know if that should go ahead. Discussing things with Carla, her friend advised her not to throw the relationship away over one mistake if she really loved him. Regarding going back to the ships, she told her to think about what she could afford to sacrifice; her wedding or her job. Knowing how much she did love Ciaran, it gave her a lot to think about...


In the pub, Ciaran was sat alone at a table nursing a pint, with the look of a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders. He looked up to see Michelle walk in, in what would have been her wedding dress; he stood up from the table and told her she looked stunning. Michelle didn't respond to that particular comment but told him she was giving the money to her parents and it was his responsibility to pay Peter back. In a conversation where they were both close to tears, she was lamenting him ever putting her through it all. In return, he knew he'd been stupid; he regretted everything and desperately didn't want the relationship to end...

As the factory staff gathered for Michelle's hen do, they were asking why the stag was there and why the bride-to-be was already in the wedding dress. In a speech to them all, Michelle explained the wedding was off and the reason why. She also told them, Ciaran was leaving for the ships any time and to his surprise, said it was now a leaving party as she was going with him too. The couple kissed and it looked like the two of them were back on track and could work at being happy again. Ciaran went ahead and organised for them to leave that night; Michelle wasn't too keen on going so soon but he went home to pack for both of them, while she stayed and tried to enjoy what time there was left, at the party.


The moment arrived for Ciaran & Michelle to go and all their friends congregated out the front of The Rovers to wave them off as they went to leave in a taxi. In the back of the cab, Ciaran was enthusing over the Caribbean and its golden sands and blue seas. So much so that he hadn't spotted Michelle looking distinctly unhappy, that is, until she called for the driver to stop the car. Ciaran asked her what was wrong and she could only reply that the Caribbean wasn't what she wanted - being at home was what she wanted.


Their friends still outside the pub watched the taxi stop at the end of the street; the door opened and Michelle stepped out, Ciaran followed and put a couple of their bags on the pavement beside her. None of them knew what was going on but the majority of them went back into the pub until it was only Peter, Maria and Carla still looking on.


In a heartbreaking final exchange, Ciaran was still trying to persuade her that going with him would be the right thing and staying there was playing it safe. Michelle was sure she'd regret going and resent him for it, something she never wanted to happen - she wanted to make the break while they both still loved each other. Staying there was anything but playing it safe for her, knowing she was letting him go. Ciaran tried to say it might not be over between them, that in a year he could be back. But Michelle, not wanting to prolong the agony any further, told him to go and enjoy himself on the ship. Both in tears, they shared one last kiss and Ciaran jumped back in the taxi. Michelle was distraught as she watched the cab disappear round the corner for the last time and Ciaran headed away from Coronation Street, off to the Caribbean with a tear streaming down his face.

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Written & Researched by Leonie Stevens

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