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+ Wednesday 1st January 2003 - Episode 5410

Ciaran is proving an excellent chef in the cafe but Roy feels uncomfortable with him around.


Ciaran worms his way round Fred and is allowed back into the Rovers.


+ Friday 3rd January 2003 - Episode 5411

Roy tells Ciaran that they no longer need him in the cafe. However Aidan comes into the cafe and tries to steal some food. Roy tries to stop him, there's a scuffle and Ciaran comes to Roy's rescue. Later Toyah asks if she can cut her hours at the cafe down and so Hayley insists that they keep Ciaran on. Ciaran is delighted.


+ Sunday 5th January 2003 - Episode 5412

Shelley is upset to find that Ciaran is still working in the cafe.


+ Monday 6th January 2003 (1) - Episode 5413

Peter tells Ciaran that he's wasting his time trying to rebuild their friendship. He tells Ciaran it would be best if he just left the area.


+ Wednesday 8th January 2003 - Episode 5415

Peter and Ciaran agree that they will start being friends again, for old time's sake, but behind Shelley's back as she wouldn't approve.


+ Friday 10th January 2003 - Episode 5416


+ Monday 13th January 2003 (2) - Episode 5419


+ Wednesday 15th January 2003 - Episode 5420


+ Friday 17th January 2003 - Episode 5421

Ciaran suggests to Roy that he should expand the cafe into next door. He offers to put some money in himself. Hayley thinks it's a good idea. Roy isn't sure.


Shelley is cross with Peter when she sees him laughing and joking with Ciaran.


+ Sunday 19th January 2003 - Episode 5422

Ciaran confesses to Peter that he's done a runner from the Navy as he was caught in bed with the skipper's wife and he in turn gave the skipper a kicking. Peter confesses to Ciaran that he had an affair with Lucy and that he's in love with both Shelley and Lucy.


+ Monday 20th January 2003 (1) - Episode 5423


+ Monday 20th January 2003 (2) - Episode 5424

Sunita gives Ciaran a piece of her mind regarding Shelley but later she apologises and invites Ciaran to her flat for supper. They get on really well, Sunita asks him to stay and they kiss.


Sunita persuades Shelley that she's been a bit hard on Peter over his friendship with Ciaran. Shelley agrees and tells Peter that although she doesn't approve he can still be friends with Ciaran.


+ Wednesday 22nd January 2003 - Episode 5425

Ciaran has spent the night with Sunita. He arranges to see her again and she's delighted.


Roy tells Ciaran that he's got cold feet about expanding the cafe and going into partnership.


Shelley finds out that Sunita is seeing Ciaran. Shelley feels betrayed.


+ Friday 24th January 2003 - Episode 5426

Shelley refuses to speak to Sunita. Sunita thinks she's being childish. Peter tries to talk Shelley into making up with Sunita but Shelley is adamant that Sunita is in the wrong and convinced that Ciaran will hurt her in the end.


+ Sunday 26th January 2003 - Episode 5427

Ciaran tells how he once put a worm in Peter's drink when they were in Mexico for the day on leave from their ship.


Shelley and Sunita make up and they agree to disagree over Ciaran. Shelley and Peter leave for their holiday in Mexico. Just before they go Shelley slips a worm into Ciaran's drink.


+ Wednesday 29th January 2003 - Episode 5430

Despite Roy's reluctance to expand the business Ciaran gives him a written business proposal.


+ Monday 3rd February 2003 (1) - Episode 5433

Hayley tries to persuade Roy to take up the offer of a partnership with Ciaran. Ciaran offends Roy and his pride in the cafe whilst talking about ideas for improvements, which leads Roy to finally make up his mind and reject Ciaran's offer.


Sunita comforts Ciaran after learning about his rejected offer


+ Monday 3rd February 2003 (2) - Episode 5434

Ciaran reveals to Roy that he is going to set up a rival cafe on Coronation Street. Roy tells Hayley that her friend Ciaran is setting up a cafe in opposition


+ Wednesday 5th February 2003 - Episode 5435


Roy is still upset about Ciaran's betrayal, and Hayley decides to have a word with Ciaran. Hayley does indeed talk to Ciaran who confirms that he is setting up a rival cafe.

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+ Sunday 9th February 2003 - Episode 5437

Roy sacks Ciaran from the cafe believing him to be trying to woo his future clientele. He also tells Ciaran that he wants him to move out of his home. Hayley is upset.


Sunita asks Ciaran to move in with her.


+ Monday 10th February 2003 - Episode 5438

Peter and Shelley arrive back from Mexico. Shelley is put out to hear that Ciaran has moved in with Sunita and is thinking of opening his own cafe.


Shelley becomes suspicious about the amount of leave Ciaran seems to have from the Navy. Peter advises Ciaran to give himself up to the Navy but Ciaran ignores him.


+ Wednesday 12th February 2003 - Episode 5439

Ciaran tells Peter that he would like to be his best man at the wedding


+ Friday 14th February 2003 - Episode 5440

Roy tells Hayley that he's decided that he's going to try and buy next door and double the size of the cafe rather than let Ciaran get his hands on it.


Ciaran tells Shelley that Peter wants him to be his best man at

the wedding.


+ Sunday 16th February 2003 - Episode 5441

Shelley is furious at Ciaran's cheek wanting to be best man at the wedding and annoyed with Peter for even discussing it with him.


Sunita is delighted when Ciaran give her a bracelet and asks her out for dinner.


Roy has a meeting with the Landlord of the Victoria Street shop units who agrees to let him rent the old hardware shop and extend the cafe. Roy is pleased that he's scuppered Ciaran's plans.


The Police turn up in the Rovers looking for Ciaran. Shelley points him out. The Police arrest Ciaran for being AWOL from the Navy. Shelley is furious with Peter when she realises that he knew what Ciaran was up to. As Ciaran is dragged away he shouts at Shelley and intimates that he knows some dark secret of Peter's. Shelley is worried.


+ Sunday 15th June 2003 - Episode 5526

Dev goes round to Sunita's for dinner. They have a fantastic evening. Dev gets down on one knee and is about to propose to Sunita when they hear a key in the lock and Ciaran lets himself into the flat.


+ Monday 16th June 2003 - Episode 5527

Ciaran makes it clear that he still fancies Sunita. He tells Sunita that he sent her a letter apologising and explaining everything. Sunita doesn't believe him as she never received it. Sunita asks both Dev and Ciaran to leave as she feels confused. Later Ciaran lets himself back in saying he's nowhere to stay. Sunita lets him have the sofa.


Dev is shocked to see Ciaran coming out of Sunita's flat in the morning. He thinks that Sunita must have slept with him. Sunita is furious that Dev should make such an assumption. Dev apologises.


Peter is slightly unnerved by Ciaran's return and asks Ciaran not to complicate his wedding arrangements with Shelley.


Dev admits to Sunita that Ciaran did send her a letter and he hid it from her. Dev gives her the letter. Sunita is furious with Dev and tells him there's no way she would marry him and storms out.


+ Wednesday 18th June 2003 - Episode 5528

Sunita pours her heart out to Bev and explains how she's torn between Dev and Ciaran.


Peter asks Ken to be his best man at the wedding and not Ciaran, so as to please Shelley.


+ Friday 20th June 2003 - Episode 5529

Some flowers are delivered for Sunita. Ciaran pretends they're from him. Sunita is delighted with them. Sunita is starting to enjoy having two men fighting over her.


+ Sunday 22nd June 2003 - Episode 5530

Sunita finds out that the flowers were really from Dev. She's amused at Ciaran's cheek.


Peter tells Ciaran he can stay in his old flat.


+ Monday 30th June 2003 - Episode 5535

Ciaran plays a trick on Dev and gets him out of the way for a few hours so that he can take Sunita out for a long boozy lunch.


Shelley is cross with Peter when she finds out that he's letting Ciaran live in their old flat.


+ Wednesday 2nd July 2003 - Episode 5536




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