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+ Friday 4th July 2003 - Episode 5537

Bob spikes Shelley's drink but Tracy sees him do it. Tracy picks up the drink and throws it in his face. The girls think she's lost the plot. Tracy rows with Bob and snatches the bag of rohypnol powder from him. Ciaran arrives and sees Tracy struggling with Bob. He wades in to protect Tracy but Bob punches him. Shelley and girls return to the Rovers to carry on partying there. Sunita takes Ciaran to casualty to have his face checked over. While in the hospital Ciaran sees Lucy arrive having gone into labour.


Ciaran phones Peter to tell him that Lucy has just gone into labour.


+ Sunday 6th July 2003 - Episode 5538

Ciaran borrows the window cleaner's ladder and enters Sunita's bedroom via the window. Sunita thinks it's funny. Dev is not impressed.


Peter arrives back from the hospital. Ciaran quietly congratulates him on becoming a father. Peter feels really confused about his feelings towards Lucy, the baby and Shelley.


+ Monday 7th July 2003 - Episode 5539

Sunita feels a bit guilty about stringing both Dev and Ciaran along while she decides who she wants but Bev tells her she's doing the right thing.


+ Wednesday 9th July 2003 - Episode 5540

Peter tells Ciaran that he refuses to give up his son that easily. He visits Lucy again but she tells him again that she doesn't want to

see him.


+ Friday 11th July 2003 - Episode 5541

Sunita has a lovely dinner with Ciaran. She is tempted to let him stay the night but decides to make him wait a bit longer. Dev is jealous.


+ Sunday 13th July 2003 - Episode 5542 

Peter tells Ciaran that he's going to visit Lucy again. He's determined to see his son. He asks Ciaran to lie for him if anyone asks. Bev is starting to have her suspicions about Peter.


+ Monday 14th July 2003 - Episode 5543

Dev and Ciaran both wonder who will sit next to Sunita at the wedding. Ciaran tries to wangle an invite from Shelley. Bev tricks Ciaran into admitting that Peter has been having an affair. Ciaran insists that it's all over, and the news would break Shelley's heart, but Bev is undecided whether or not to tell all.


+ Wednesday 16th July 2003 - Episode 5544

Ciaran tries to convince Bev not to tell Shelley about Peter.


Ciaran is delighted to receive his wedding invitation. Dev is forced to admit to Steve that Sunita and Ciaran really do seem happy together. Peter is shocked when Ciaran tells him that Bev is onto him.


+ Friday 18th July 2003 - Episode 5545

Dev warns Ciaran not to hurt Sunita. He later tells Steve that he plans to propose to Sunita at the wedding. Tracey and Ciaran work out that Peter plans to marry Shelley bigamously.


+ Sunday 20th July 2003 - Episode 5546

Adam tells Peter and Ciaran that Tracy has been making odd comments about the wedding, so Peter asks Ciaran to keep an eye on her throughout the service


Sunita is annoyed at the wedding dinner when an inebriated Ciaran tries to provoke Dev. She later angrily ends the relationship, when Ciaran surprises her - and himself - by proposing. She accepts but Ciaran asks her not to tell anyone yet.


+ Monday 21st July 2003 - Episode 5547

Ciaran announces his engagement to Sunita as Dev walks into the Rovers.


+ Wednesday 23rd July 2003 - Episode 5548

Ciaran tells Sunita that his mother will post his grandmother's engagement ring for her to wear. Meanwhile, he looks at adverts for bargain jewellery.


Fred persuades Bev to take Ciaran on as a pot-man at the Rovers. Dev tries to talk sense into Sunita about her engagement. She retorts that Ciaran makes her happier than any other man she's known.


+ Friday 25th July 2003 - Episode 5549

Ciaran presents Sunita with his "grandmother's" ring, but says they can't marry until next year, as he'll need to save up.


Dev annoys Sunita by questioning the origins of the ring. She tells him that she's moving out of the flat and will find another job as soon as possible.


+ Sunday 27th July 2003 - Episode 5550

Sunita takes Ciaran by surprise and informs him that she's moving in with him. Dev tells her that he'll leave the flat empty so she'll have somewhere to live when it all goes wrong.


+ Monday 28th July 2003 - Episode 5551

Sunita moves out of the flat and in with Ciaran next to the bookies.


+ Friday 1st August 2003 - Episode 5553


+ Monday 4th August 2003 - Episode 5555

Ciaran is doing a great job at the Rovers. Bev agrees to put a word in for him with Shelley.


+ Wednesday 6th August 2003 - Episode 5556

Peter and Shelley return from honeymoon. Shelley's stunned to see Ciaran behind the bar, but agrees that he can keep his job.


+ Sunday 17th August 2003  - Episode 5562

Mick approaches Les in the Rovers. He's all smiles to others' eyes, but he's really winding Les up, hoping to provoke him. Les knows his game, but can't help himself and is only stopped from punching him when Ciaran intervenes.


+ Monday 18th August 2003 - Episode 5563


+ Monday 25th August 2003 (1) - Episode 5567


+ Wednesday 27th August 2003 - Episode 5569 


+ Friday 29th August 2003 - Episode 5570

Les is enjoying a birthday drink in the Rovers. Mick instructs Ciaran not to serve Les any more. Janice is annoyed with Mick.


+ Sunday 31st August 2003 - Episode 5571


+ Sunday 7th September 2003 - Episode 5576


+ Monday 8th September 2003 (1) - Episode 5577

Peter is angry and upset because Lucy has cancelled his visit to see Simon. Ciaran advises him not to take it out on Shelley.


+ Monday 8th September 2003 (2) - Episode 5578

Ciaran gets Sunita to close the shop so they can share a bottle of wine.


+ Wednesday 10th September 2003 - Episode 5579


+ Friday 12th September 2003 - Episode 5580

Lucy threatens to stop Peter from seeing Simon at all. Later Peter tells Ciaran that no one will stop him from seeing his son and that he'll go to court if necessary.


+ Sunday 14th September 2003 - Episode 5581


+ Monday 15th September 2003 (1) - Episode 5582


+ Monday 15th September 2003 (2) - Episode 5583

Norris and Emily work out that Vera's brownie cakes must have been the cause of their strange behaviour at the Church fund-raising meeting. Vera shows them the herb she used. Ciaran identifies it as cannabis.


+ Wednesday 17th September 2003 - Episode 5584


+ Friday 19th September 2003 - Episode 5585


+ Sunday 21st September 2003 - Episode 5586


+ Monday 22nd September 2003 (2) - Episode 5588


+ Wednesday 24th September 2003 - Episode 5589


+ Sunday 28th September 2003 - Episode 5591


+ Monday 29th September 2003 - Episode 5592


+ Friday 3rd October 2003 - Episode 5595

Ciaran arranges a night out with Sunita.


Bev persuades Ciaran to forego his night out with Sunita as they'll be busy tonight with the party. When Sunita finds out they row and Ciaran tells her to go back to Dev.


Ciaran accepts a nightcap from Bev after having cleared up. He tells Bev that she's a very attractive woman. They embrace.


+ Sunday 5th October 2003 - Episode 5596

Bev feels embarrassed and Ciaran feels guilty about their night of passion. Sunita, oblivious to what's gone on, apologises to Ciaran for rowing with him.


+ Wednesday 8th October 2003 - Episode 5599

Bev and Ciaran warn Shelley against getting pally with Lucy.


+ Friday 10th October 2003 - Episode 5600

Ciaran takes an hour off from the Rovers, and later surreptitiously presents Ken with a birthday card from Peter


+ Sunday 12th October 2003 - Episode 5601

Ken worries that Peter should know what Shelley and Lucy are up to - Ciaran tells him that it's in hand.


+ Monday 13th October 2003 (1) - Episode 5602

Bev suspects Ciaran knows something about Peter's plans.

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