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+ Friday 17th October 2003 - Episode 5605

Jack tells Les that Barlow's Bookies have given odds of eleven to one on a dead-cert horse instead of eleven to ten. Les rushes off to place his bet, with an extra £50 that Ciaran has liberated from the till.


The dead-cert horse doesn't win - Shelley and Lucy had had inside information which was why the odds were so good. Ciaran frets about the £50.


Sunita lends Ciaran the £50 to pay back Shelley's till.


+ Sunday 19th October 2003 - Episode 5606

Lucy takes down the "For Sale" sign outside the bookies, watched at a distance by Peter. Peter tells Ciaran that he's back to sort things out.


+ Monday 20th October 2003 (2) - Episode 5608


+ Wednesday 22nd October 2003 - Episode 5609

Peter has spent a restless night and a supportive Ken agrees to accompany him to the police station to hear the CPS's verdict. Shelley agrees with Sunita and Bev that she wants Peter punished, but says she doesn't feel as strongly as Lucy does. Ciaran notes her discomfort.


+ Sunday 26th October 2003 - Episode 5611


+ Friday 31st October 2003 - Episode 5615

It's Halloween at the Rovers and the regulars are in fancy dress. Fred asks Ciaran to remove the axe from his head, as it's disturbing Ashley.


Terri (tarot card reader) tells Bev she'll marry a man connected with the Rovers. Bev stares at Ciaran.


+ Sunday 2nd November 2003 - Episode 5616


+ Monday 3rd November 2003 (2) - Episode 5618

A jealous Sunita feels increasingly annoyed at her relationship with Ciaran as they spend so little time together.


+ Wednesday 5th November 2003 - Episode 5619

Shelley phones Peter and asks if they can meet up. She intends to ask him to move back into the Rovers so they can try again. Peter, Lucy and Simon arrive there. Witnessed by Ken, Deirdre, Ciaran and Bev, Peter tells Shelley that he's moving to Spain. Shelley hits him. Lucy then reveals that this was simply her revenge; she and Simon are going to Spain alone, she hasn't bought him a ticket and he can remain behind in Weatherfield with what little is left of his life.


+ Friday 7th November 2003 - Episode 5620


+ Sunday 9th November 2003 - Episode 5621

Ciaran explains to Peter that he can't be seen to be friendly towards him as he values his job at the Rovers. Peter realises that he has no friends left.

Peter leaves the Street.


+ Monday 10th November 2003 (1) - Episode 5622

Ciaran asks Bev for some nights off so that he can see Sunita. Bev refuses as Shelley is away. Sunita arranges to go out with Fiz and her mates as Ciaran is never available.


Bev comes on to Ciaran and they end up kissing. Betty walks in on them.


+ Monday 10th November 2003 (2) - Episode 5623

Bev tells Betty that Ciaran was simply comforting her. Betty isn't sure what to think.


Sunita is still fed up with Ciaran as he never takes her out and is always working.


Ciaran tells Maya how Dev proposed to Sunita and still loves her. Maya gives Dev an ultimatum - if he wants a relationship with her then he has to sack Sunita.


Sunita goes out early with the girls but comes home early as she's missing Ciaran. She's hurt when she finds that he had the night off after all. Ciaran calms her down and suggests they set their wedding date for very soon.


+ Wednesday 12th November 2003 - Episode 5624

Sunita and Ciaran book their wedding for 29th December.


+ Friday 14th November 2003 - Episode 5625


+ Sunday 16th November 2003 - Episode 5626


+ Monday 17th November 2003 (1) - Episode 5627


+ Monday 17th November 2003 (2) - Episode 5628

Hayley persuades a jittery Roy to get married to Tracy, telling him it is for the baby. Tracy meets Ciaran outside the register's office and gets him to be her witness.


+ Wednesday 19th November 2003 - Episode 5629

Ciaran tries to console Tracy after the wedding. Roy is upset after the wedding. Roy and Hayley become more upset when Ciaran starts joking with them loudly in the Rovers later. They and Tracy make Ciaran promise that he won't tell anyone.


+ Monday 24th November 2003 (2) - Episode 5633

Sunita tells Shelley that she wants a big wedding, and not the small affair she and Ciaran are planning. Ciaran admits to Tracy again that he doesn't want to get married.

+ Wednesday 26th November 2003 - Episode 5634

Sunita admits to Ciaran that she does want the big wedding but the problem isn't money it's her family.


+ Sunday 30th November 2003 - Episode 5636

Shelly and Sunita plan to go out and get a sari for Sunita's wedding in the Rovers as Dev tells Sunita that he doesn't think Ciaran will go through with it.


Dev tricks Ciaran into mocking Hindu wedding traditions in front of Sunita.


+ Monday 1st December 2003 (2) - Episode 5638


+ Wednesday 3rd December 2003 - Episode 5639

Sunita starts to regret the fact that she will be having a small wedding without her family present. Ciaran secretly tries to contact her family but Dev stops him and tells Sunita.


+ Friday 5th December 2003 - Episode 5640

Ciaran suggests to Sunita that she might want to postpone the wedding. Sunita says she doesn't. Ciaran is disappointed.


+ Sunday 7th December 2003 - Episode 5641


+ Friday 12th December 2003 - Episode 5645


+ Sunday 14th December 2003 - Episode 5646

Bev persuades Sunita into having a Hindu hen-do.


Tommy and Craig have a lads' day out together watching the football in the Weatherfield Arms. Tommy proceeds to get very drunk. Tommy bumps into Martin and Katy in the Rovers. He calls Martin a nonce and Ciaran has to separate them. Craig is embarrassed at his dad's behaviour.


Maya and Dev get invited to Sunita's and Ciaran's hen and stag parties though neither wants to be there.


+ Monday 15th December 2003 (1) - Episode 5647

Sunita feels slightly jealous when she hears Dev ordering red roses for Maya.


+ Monday 15th December 2003 (2) - Episode 5648


+ Wednesday 17th December 2003 - Episode 5649


+ Friday 19th December 2003 - Episode 5650

Maya invites Sunita and Ciaran for Christmas dinner at Dev's flat. They feel obliged to accept.


+ Thursday 25th December 2003 - Episode 5654

Sunita and Ciaran are relieved when they can't get a taxi and therefore can't get to Dev's for Christmas Dinner.


+ Friday 26th December 2003 - Episode 5655

Sunita's hen night takes place. The girls enjoy some Bollywood dancing and the henna artist paints Hindu tattoos on them.


Ciaran admits to Tracy that although he loves Sunita he doesn't want to get married. Sunita nips over to the shop to get Maya some headache tablets. She bumps into Dev. Dev implores her to think again before marrying Ciaran but Sunita declares she loves Ciaran and the wedding will go ahead. Dev gives her his blessing.


+ Sunday 28th December 2003 - Episode 5656

Ciaran asks Sunita if she's having second thoughts about the wedding. Sunita replies that she's really looking forward to it. Ciaran feels trapped.


Ciaran's stag night takes place. Les insists they go to the Weatherfield Arms as Cilla is working there and has promised them free drinks.


Colin Rothwell, the Landlord, sacks Cilla for giving away free drinks. Les, Ciaran and the lads stick up for her. The police are called. Ciaran sees an opportunity to get out of marrying Sunita. He punches Dev. The police arrest Ciaran and he's driven away.


+ Monday 29th December 2003 - Episode 5657

Sunita prepares for her wedding with the help of Shelley and Bev. Ciaran has spent the night in a police cell. He secretly hopes that he won't be released in time for the wedding. Maya is suspicious of Ciaran's motive for hitting Dev. She wonders if Dev still fancies Sunita.


Ciaran is miffed when the Police release him. Dev accuses Ciaran of not wanting to marry Sunita. Ciaran can't deny it but insists that he mustn't let her down. Tracy tells Sunita that Ciaran doesn't really want to marry her. Sunita confronts Ciaran with Tracy's revelation but Ciaran insists that Tracy is lying.


Sunita and Ciaran's wedding ceremony is about to take place when Sunita gets cold feet and decides she can't go through with it. She explains to Ciaran that she knows in her heart that he doesn't really want to marry her.


+ Wednesday 31st December 2003 - Episode 5658

Maya suspects that Sunita jilted Ciaran because she's still in love with Dev. Dev denies this. Sunita forces Ciaran to admit that he didn't really want to get married. Sunita is now sure that she did the right thing. She tells Ciaran that this is the end of their relationship.

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