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+Thursday 1st January 2004 - Episode 5659

Tracy admits to Ciaran that she's in love with Steve.


+ Friday 2nd January 2004 - Episode 5660


+ Wednesday 14th January 2004 - Episode 5669


+ Friday 16th January 2004 - Episode 5670


+ Wednesday 21st January 2004 - Episode 5674


+ Sunday 25th January 2004 - Episode 5676

Hayley quizzes Ciaran about Tracy's furniture-buying, trying to work out if Tracy is nest-building.


Martin tells Ciaran that he doesn't see Karl as a threat regarding Katy.


Blanche is determined that Tracy has a birthday party. She invites several people, including Karen and Steve, but the general response is less than enthusiastic. Les and Kirk tag along with Ciaran, hoping to join Tracy's party. She lets Ciaran in, but sends the other two packing.


Karen goes to see Tracy to apologise for not making the party. She explains that Steve has a romantic evening planned, and declares that she's lucky to be marrying him. Tracy is livid at what she thinks is Karen's patronising manner. She vows to Ciaran that she's going to make sure that there's not going to be any wedding.


+ Monday 26th January 2004 (1) - Episode 5677

Tracy stuns Ciaran by telling him that Steve is the father of her baby. Ciaran advises her to keep quiet about it.


Ciaran gives Steve a warning to watch out for Tracy.


+ Monday 26th January 2004 (2) - Episode 5678

Steve tells Tracy that if she breaks he and Karen up, he'll hold it against her for the rest of his life. Steve's convinced Tracy is about to blab, but she confides in Ciaran that she's got too much to lose and is planning something much more subtle.


+ Sunday 1st February 2004 - Episode 5682


+ Monday 2nd February 2004 (2) - Episode 5684

Sunita is peeved when Ciaran takes seeing her again in his stride


+ Sunday 8th February 2004 - Episode 5687


+ Monday 9th February 2004 (1) - Episode 5688


+ Monday 9th February 2004 (2) - Episode 5689

Ciaran tells Martin that Tommy was pleased to see Katy with Karl earlier.


+ Wednesday 11th February 2004 - Episode 5690


+ Friday 13th February 2004 - Episode 5691


+ Friday 20th February 2004 - Episode 5696


+ Sunday 22nd February 2004 - Episode 5697

Maya unsuccessfully drops hints to Dev that his father thought her marriage material. Dev later tells Eileen that he is not the marrying kind. Meanwhile Maya finds out from Ciaran that Dev has been engaged at least twice before to Sunita and Geena. Dev comes back from work in Eccles to find Maya flirting with Ciaran in the Rovers. She is clearly very upset and gives him the cold shoulder back in the flat.


Tracy tells Ciaran that she wants to make a go of it with her baby, even without Steve, and she's seen the light. Ciaran tells her she should have done before she ruined Roy and Hayley's lives.


+ Friday 27th February 2004 - Episode 5701


+ Wednesday 3rd March 2004 - Episode 5705


+ Sunday 14th March 2004 - Episode 5712


+ Wednesday 17th March 2004 - Episode 5715

Ciaran lets slip that Tracy cancelled Karen's wedding. Karen is furious and sets off to kill Steve for lying to her, and vows to teach Tracy a lesson she'll never forget.


+ Friday 19th March 2004 - Episode 5716


+ Monday 22nd March 2004 (1) - Episode 5718


+ Monday 22nd March 2004 (2) - Episode 5719

Fred frets that he's left six messages for Penny, but heard nothing. Charlie, Ciaran and Jack give Jason a ribbing about his afternoon delight.


Charlie asks Ciaran what his chances are with Shelley - Ciaran points out that Bev is the problem. Charlie is stunned to hear about Ciaran's liaison with Bev, but is sworn to secrecy.


+ Wednesday 24th March 2004 - Episode 5720

+ Friday 26th March 2004 - Episode 5721

Shelley turns down Charlie's advances, as she doesn't want to do the dirty on Bev pointing out that Bev is far from vulnerable, Charlie tells her about Bev's night with Ciaran. Shelley is furious - both with her mother, but also with Charlie for trying to manipulate her.


+ Sunday 28th March 2004 - Episode 5722

Shelley accuses Bev of dishonesty and grubby behaviour over her liaison with Ciaran, whilst Bev is livid with Ciaran for blabbing to Charlie.


Charlie and Shelley have an awkward date - she insists that she's only there to get out of the Rovers. She accuses Charlie of telling her about Bev and Ciaran so that Shelley wouldn't see her mother as an obstacle to going to bed with Charlie.


+ Monday 29th March 2004 (1) - Episode 5723



+ Monday 29th March 2004 (2) - Episode 5724

Ciaran's relieved to see that Shelley hasn't let on to Sunita about he and Bev. Charlie braves the Rovers - as expected Bev and Ciaran give him a hard time for blabbing about them.


+ Sunday 4th April 2004 - Episode 5727

Bev tells Ciaran she has a plan to put things right.


+ Monday 5th April 2004 (1) - Episode 5728

Things start to get on top of Bev at the Rovers, as she's snappy with Betty and Ciaran. Betty and Bev exchange words - Betty resigns and storms out, leaving Bev more short-handed than ever. Bev is grateful when Ciaran offers her his support.


Ciaran is clearly not interested when Bev makes a pass at him. Bev won't let it drop, and he admits that he finds it awkward working with her after the last time. Humiliated, she sacks him.


+ Monday 5th April 2004 (2) - Episode 5729

Fred is horrified to hear from Ciaran that he's been sacked for not sleeping with Bev. When Ciaran threatens a tribunal, Fred resolves to get him his job back.


Bev tells Fred that sacking Ciaran was a joke that backfired. On Fred's insistence, she grudgingly apologises to Ciaran and he's reinstated. Ciaran refuses to start work straight away, so Bev is left struggling on her own in the busy bar.


When Bev spots Shelley leaving for the Weatherfield Arms with Charlie and Ciaran, she reaches breaking point. Exhausted, and convinced that everyone's laughing at her, she tells Fred that she's had enough and she's finished at the Rovers.


+ Wednesday 7th April 2004 - Episode 5730

Bev & Shelly make up.


+ Friday 9th April 2004 - Episode 5731

Bev and Shelley both now think the other should run the bar. Fred impulsively offers the manager's job to Ciaran, who immediately accepts. Ciaran winds Bev and Shelley up as the power goes to his head.


Charlie is amazed when Ciaran asks him to leave the bar for wearing dirty work gear. Charlie returns later in a dinner suit, complete with bow tie.


+ Sunday 11th April 2004 -  Episode 5732

Ciaran's full of ideas to bring punters into the Rovers. Bev and Shelley aren't impressed, particularly as he's neglecting his work to muse over his ideas.


Shelley's offended when Ciaran suggests she dress more provocatively to pull in the punters. Before Fred has the chance to sack him, Ciaran resigns as manager, claiming that he's fed up of the others carping on at him all day. Fred tosses a coin to decide the new manager. The toss goes Bev's way, but she hands over the win to Shelley, who's reinstated as manager.


+ Friday 30th April 2004 (2) - Episode 5747


+ Monday 10th May 2004 (2) - Episode 5755


+ Friday 14th May 2004 - Episode 5757

Les boasts to Ciaran about his way with the ladies.


+ Monday 17th May 2004 (2) - Episode 5760


+ Friday 21st May 2004 - Episode 5762

Betty and Harry think that Shelley has stayed the night with Charlie. They try to cover up for her but Ciaran tells Bev who says she couldn't care less.


Ciaran and Harry question Fred about Orchid. Ciaran suggests that Fred may have bought her off the internet. Fred is not happy about this.


+ Sunday 23rd May 2004 - Episode 5763

Charlie arrives and asks Shelley out. Ciaran will cover for her.

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