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+ Monday 14th June 2004 - Episode 5782

Sunita's shocked and hurt when Shelley tells her how Bev slept with Ciaran whilst they were engaged.


Ciaran tries to apologise to Sunita for sleeping with Bev but Sunita gives him short shrift.


+ Wednesday 16th June 2004 - Episode 5783


+ Friday 2nd July 2004 - Episode 5792


+ Monday 5th July 2004 (1) - Episode 5794


+ Monday 5th July 2004 (2) - Episode 5795


+ Sunday 18th July 2004 - Episode 5803


+ Monday 19th July 2004 (2) - Episode 5805

Shelley cons Liz and Ciaran into wearing stepometers pretending they've been issued by the brewery.


+ Friday 23rd July 2004 - Episode 5807

Maya lets slip to Ciaran about Sunita's illness. Ciaran offers to cook for Sunita rendering Dev surplus to requirements. Maya's plan to come between them seems to be working.


+ Sunday 25th July 2004 - Episode 5808


+ Monday 26th July 2004 (2) - Episode 5810


+ Wednesday 28th July 2004 -  Episode 5811

Ciaran asks Penny out on a lunch date. Penny agrees but makes him promise not to tell Mike.


+ Friday 30th July 2004 - Episode 5812

Tracy invites herself and Amy into Ciaran's flat. She can't believe how tidy he is. He can't believe what a slattern she is


Ciaran meets Penny for their lunch date. Fred's intrigued when he spots them getting cosy. Tracy suspects Ciaran's seeing Penny but he refuses to confirm or deny. Fred spots Tracy leaving Ciaran's flat and can't believe his eyes, thinking Ciaran must have two women on

the go.


+ Sunday 1st August 2004 - Episode 5813

Tracy calls round to Ciaran's flat for some peace and quiet. Ciaran gives her the spare key so she can let herself in whenever she wants.


Ciaran and Penny discuss their new business venture. Fred spots Ciaran and Penny in cahoots again and suspects they're having

an affair.


Fred tells Mike that Penny's having an affair with Ciaran.


+ Monday 2nd August 2004 (1) - Episode 5814

Tracy lets herself into Ciaran's flat to find that he's wearing a suit and she suggests he's seeing a woman. Ciaran says he has a business meeting.


Mike asks Penny if she's having an affair with Ciaran - Penny denies it.


Mike reads a text on Penny's mobile confirming a lunch date and suspects that Penny is having an affair with Ciaran. Mike turns up at the restaurant to be told by Penny and Ciaran that they are going into business together to buy the restaurant.



+ Monday 2nd August 2004 (2) - Episode 5815

Ciaran tells Tracy of his plans to go into the restaurant business with Penny and assures her it's strictly business.


Fred asks Mike if he's tackled Penny about her relationship with Ciaran. Mike assures Fred it's purely business and tells him about

the restaurant.


Mike asks Penny to forget about her business venture with Ciaran.


+ Wednesday 4th August 2004 - Episode 5816

Mike again tells Penny not to go ahead with her business partnership with Ciaran.


Penny tells Ciaran she needs more time to think about their business partnership. Ciaran feels Mike has been interfering.


Ciaran tells Fred there's nothing definite about his new business venture and that he still needs his job at the Rovers.


+ Friday 6th August 2004 - Episode 5817


+ Sunday 8th August 2004 - Episode 5818

Penny is not happy when Tracy asks her why she has got cold feet about her business venture with Ciaran. Tracy asks if Mike has tried to talk her out of it. Mike suggests to Penny she would be better going into business with him.


+ Monday 9th August 2004 (1) - Episode 5819

Ciaran's delighted when Penny turns up and tells him the deal's on and gives him a cheque for £20,000.


Tracy flirts with Ciaran and they end up kissing passionately

+ Monday 9th August 2004 (2) - Episode 5820

Having just enjoyed great sex, Ciaran and Tracy enjoy sparring. Ciaran pretends to carve a notch on his bedpost. When Tracy arrives home with tousled hair, Blanche quickly points out she's got a "whore's thatch" and wonders who she's been with.


+ Wednesday 11th August 2004 - Episode 5821

Ciaran shows Charlie round his new restaurant and asks him to quote for the refurbishment. Shelley realises there's something going between Tracy and Ciaran.


+ Monday 16th August 2004 (1) - Episode 5824


+ Monday 16th August 2004 (2) - Episode 5825

Ciaran draws out the £50,000 in cash. He makes Tracy close her eyes then covers her in the money. They make love rolling about on the cash.


+ Wednesday 18th August 2004 - Episode 5826

Tracy calls round to Ciaran's and dumps Amy on him. Before she leaves she hides the bag of money containing his £50,000 in Amy's pram as a joke.


Ciaran hands Amy over to Deirdre to look after who in turn hands her over to Roy. Ciaran and Tracy arrive in a panic and grab Amy and the pram from Roy. Ciaran gives Charlie £5,000 to start work on the restaurant.


Roy tells Hayley about the money he saw in Amy's pram. He's suspicious as to how Tracy's got hold of thousands of pounds.


Ciaran bets Jack £50 that they won't win the next bowls match.


+ Friday 20th August 2004 - Episode 5827

Roy demands to know where Ciaran got the bag of money from. Ciaran explains it's Penny's share of their new business.


+ Sunday 22nd August 2004 - Episode 5828

Roy apologises to Ciaran for his misplaced suspicions about the money. Jack wins his bet with Ciaran when the Rovers Ravers win the semi-finals in the bowls competition. They agree to double or quits on the final.


+ Monday 23rd August 2004 (1) - Episode 5829

Roy tells Vera about Jack's £200 bet with Ciaran.


Roy goes over to Mike and Penny who are having a drink and warns her of Ciaran's past record of being dishonest in his business dealings. Mike is fuming with Penny.


+ Monday 23rd August 2004 (2) - Episode 5830

Charlie shows Ciaran the work that has been done in the restaurant. Ciaran decides he wants halogen lighting and wooden flooring, which Charlie says, will be very expensive.


Mike goes to the restaurant to check what's going on because he is suspicious that Ciaran is going to rip Penny off but Ciaran offers to show Mike his business plan. Mike's pleased that he has found out that Ciaran isn't planning to scam Penny.


+ Wednesday 25th August 2004 - Episode 5831

Ciaran is shocked when Charlie gives him the new quote for work on the restaurant - it's another £20,000.


Ciaran asks his Bank's business advisor for an extra £20,000, but is told he is a financial risk.


+ Friday 27th August 2004 - Episode 5832


+ Monday 30th August 2004 (1) - Episode 5834

Betty, Shelley, Ciaran and Liz are discussing the engagement party. (Dev & Sunita's)


+ Monday 30th August 2004 (2) - Episode 5835


+ Wednesday 1st September 2004 - Episode 5836

Ciaran shows Mike and Penny the menu he plans for the restaurant. His bank calls and tells him he can't get a loan from them.


+ Friday 3rd September 2004 - Episode 5837

Ciaran has tried everyone he can think of for a loan for his restaurant with no luck. Fred asks Ciaran to do the lunches as Betty has phoned in sick. Ciaran makes his specialty Irish hamburgers and they are very popular.


Tracy tells Ciaran that she will provide people to eat a meal tomorrow night if he provides the food and they will all want to invest in

his restaurant.


+ Sunday 5th September 2004 - Episode 5838

Ciaran invites Mike, Penny, Frankie, Danny, Sunita, Dev, Fred and Liz to a meal at the restaurant. Ciaran and Tracy arrive at the restaurant and it is really dusty and untidy. He persuades Tracy to tidy it up for the meal at night.


Back at the restaurant all the guests are being given drinks by Tracy. Ciaran thanks everyone for coming, Danny proposes a toast.


The guests in the restaurant are getting ready to leave when Tracy asks if anyone would put in some money to the business. Everyone declines and an angry Penny tells him she will speak to him in the morning. Ciaran realises that this is the end of his dream.


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