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+ Monday 6th September 2004 (1) - Episode 5839

Penny is trying to get hold of Ciaran with no luck. Tracy stayed at Ciaran's and is running late but she was meant to pick Amy up from Roy and Hayley's.


Tracy suggests to Ciaran that he sells the restaurant, does a runner and does not pay Penny back.


+ Monday 6th September 2004 (2) - Episode 5840

Penny eventually catches up with Ciaran. He tells her he needs another £20,000 and can't get it anywhere else and if she can't help, they will both lose out.


+ Wednesday 8th September 2004 - Episode 5841

Tracy bumps into Ciaran and apologises for interfering. They agree to meet up later.


Penny tells Ciaran she will give him another £20,000 for the restaurant. He's delighted.


Ciaran tells Tracy that Penny has agreed to give him the money. They get carried away and Ciaran tells her he loves her. They're both shocked.


+ Friday 10th September 2004 - Episode 5842

Mike thinks who ever has given £20,000 to Ciaran is off their head - unbeknown to him it is Penny.


Ciaran finishes his last shift in the Rovers.


+ Sunday 12th September 2004 - Episode 5843

Sarah asks Ciaran for a job and he says yes.


Ciaran asks Tracy to come and see the restaurant but she tells him no.


+ Monday 13th September 2004 (1) - Episode 5844

Ciaran's gutted when Gordon Venables, the environmental health inspector, points out there's no hot water and his restaurant opening night might not go ahead. Charlie works flat out. The health inspector finally gives Ciaran the okay and McCarthy's restaurant opens. Penny's very impressed.


+ Monday 13th September 2004 (2) - Episode 5845

Sarah starts as a waitress at McCarthy's. The opening night goes well although Ciaran's worried when Tracy doesn't show up and unimpressed when Jack, Vera, Tyrone and Kirk eat as much as they can because it's free.


Leanne spends the evening at No. 7 while Danny and Frankie are at Ciaran's opening night.


+ Wednesday 15th September 2004 - Episode 5846

Ciaran's hurt that Tracy let him down on his opening night. Tracy promises to turn up this evening instead.


Ciaran is offended by an article in the Gazette criticising his restaurant. Tracy turns up at McCarthy's and is rude to the customers. Ciaran tells her off so she leaves in a strop. Only the Platts and the Croppers are booked in for dinner. When Sarah drops two trays of glasses Ciaran fires her.


+ Friday 17th September 2004 - Episode 5847

Ciaran's new restaurant is really struggling and Tracy's quick to point out that he'd be better to sell it and salvage something from the mess. Ciaran lies to Penny saying they've had a really busy lunchtime.


Tracy's angry when Ciaran suggests she should stop wasting her time pining over Steve and start focusing on him. She tells him where to go and storms out.


+ Sunday 19th September 2004 - Episode 5848


+ Friday 8th October 2004 - Episode 5863

Tracy's spent the night with Ciaran. Ciaran's gutted when he finally admits he's going to have to sell the restaurant.


Despondent Ciaran tells Tracy he's sold the restaurant for sixty thousand pounds.


+ Sunday 10th October 2004 - Episode 5864

Ciaran gears himself up to break the news to Penny that he's had to sell the business for £60,000 and therefore she's £10,000 down on her investment of £70,000.


When Penny turns up Tracy steps in and prevents Ciaran from telling her the truth. Ciaran's amazed when Tracy tells Penny she loves him.


Tracy persuades Ciaran he should keep the £60,000 for himself and they should do a runner with it.


+ Monday 11th October 2004 (1) - Episode 5865

Ciaran's humiliated when Penny berates him for having a night off from the restaurant and calls him a waster.


Ciaran agrees to do a runner with Tracy and steal Penny's money.


+ Monday 11th October 2004 (2) - Episode 5866

Tracy assures Ciaran she'll sign the contract as Penny King. Ciaran worries about the fraud they're about commit. Ciaran nervously waits for Mr Walker to arrive so they can sign the deal and he can get his cheque for £60,000. He's shocked when Mike and Penny unexpectedly arrive wanting a meal.


Mr Walker arrives and with Penny sitting just across the room, Tracy does the deal signing herself "Penny King". Mike recognises Mr Walker from the Golf Club and wonders what he and Tracy are up to.


Ciaran's got his cheque but is worried about what he's done while Tracy is delighted.

+ Wednesday 13th October 2004 - Episode 5867

Tracy tells Ciaran she's booked them two weeks in Portugal and she's off into town to do some holiday shopping.


Ciaran wonders if she'll still like him when the money's gone.Ciaran tells Penny he sold the restaurant for £30,000 and that he's keeping £10,000 for his hard work and expenses and she can have £20,000. Penny's shocked and furious that she's £50,000 down on her investment.


+ Friday 15th October 2004 - Episode 5868

As excitable Tracy prepares for their holiday, she tells Ciaran that they'll need a bigger place when she and Amy move in. Ciaran's flattered by her commitment and thinks she really must love him.


Penny apologises to Ciaran for being angry with him and hugs him saying she knows he did his best. Ciaran's guilt-ridden and suddenly blurts out the truth. He explains how he got £60,000 for McCarthy's and not £30,000. Furious Penny takes the money and leaves. Tracy tells Ken, Deirdre and Blanche what she thinks of them and explains she's moving in with Ciaran. Ciaran tells Tracy that he came clean with Penny and has returned all her money but he's glad they've still got each other. He's shocked to the core when Tracy tells him that without the money he's nothing and she's never loved him. Ciaran's gutted.


+ Sunday 17th October 2004 - Episode 5869

Tracy collects her things from Ciaran's and returns his key. She's worried to learn Penny is threatening to go to the police about

their scam.


Ciaran begs Penny not to go to the police. When she ignores his pleas Ciaran points out he'll deny everything anyway.


Upset Penny pours her heart out to Mike about Ciaran's scam.


+ Monday 18th October 2004 (1) - Episode 5870

Tracy tries to wriggle out of the whole sorry mess by telling Ken, Deirdre and Blanche that she had no idea what Ciaran was up to and as the innocent party she just got dragged in.


Tracy again proclaims her innocence this time to Penny who refuses to listen.


Ciaran and Tracy are horrified when they're both arrested on suspicion of deception and are taken away by the police.


+ Monday 18th October 2004 (2) - Episode 5871

Fred gives Ciaran his job in the Rovers back just to annoy Mike and Penny.


Mike persuades Penny to drop the charges against Tracy. Penny decides to drop all the charges.


+ Wednesday 20th October 2004 - Episode 5872


+ Friday 22nd October 2004 - Episode 5873

Ciaran finds Violet looking glum. When he questions her she gets upset saying how she's always unlucky in love and has been hurt in the past


+ Sunday 24th October 2004 - Episode 5874

Ciaran escorts Sunita to her wedding to Dev.


+ Monday 25th October 2004 (1) - Episode 5875


+ Monday 25th October 2004 (2) - Episode 5876

Maya tells Mena how Sunita was engaged to Ciaran but called the wedding off and then thought she was pregnant by a married man. Mena's distraught to think her daughter could behave in such a way.


+ Friday 29th October 2004 - Episode 5878


+ Sunday 31st October 2004 - Episode 5879


+ Monday 1st November 2004 (1) - Episode 5880


+ Monday 8th November 2004 (2) - Episode 5886


+ Friday 12th November 2004 - Episode 5888


+ Wednesday 24th November 2004 (2) - Episode 5899

Maya switches on the gas rings without lighting them and leaves Dev and Sunita bound and gagged in the flat. She goes downstairs and sets light to the shop.


Ciaran and Charlie rescue Dev and Sunita. The shop explodes.


Maya, watching from a distance, realises her plan has failed. She drives her car straight at Dev and Sunita in an attempt to run them over but misses and crashes. She's about to have a second go when a lorry ploughs into her car as the residents of the Street look on in horror.


+ Friday 26th November 2004 (1) - Episode 5900

Dev and Sunita are in hospital, traumatised after their ordeal.


Charlie and Ciaran enjoy being treated as local heroes. Dev thanks Ciaran for saving his and Sunita's life.


+ Monday 29th November 2004 (2) - Episode 5904


+ Wednesday 1st December 2004 - Episode 5905


+ Wednesday 8th December 2004 - Episode 5910


+ Sunday 12th December 2004 - Episode 5912

Ciaran is worried about the hen night (Claire's), that the girls will get too raucous and get him to do something.


+ Monday 13th December 2004 (2) - Episode 5914


+ Saturday 25th December 2004 - Episode 5923


+ Sunday 26th December 2004 - Episode 5924


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