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Ringo Leyden


Ringo Leyden's real name is James but as a drummer in several bands over the years, the obvious nickname stuck. Ringo was one of few males to train as a nurse and he sees himself as quite the pioneer for doing so. As a lad, Keith was his best friend and they spent their childhood hanging out in each others' houses which made Keith's betrayal with Ringo's girlfriend Linda all the more hurtful. Ringo hasn't seen Keith since their fall out all those years ago but he never forgets. Ringo hates to be rushed and though he is fond of Cliodhna he is reluctant to make compromises in his life to accommodate her.



+ Tuesday 10th February 2009

Ringo and Cliodhna have just moved into a place in Carrigstown together but domestic bliss is short-lived as Cliodhna is driven demented by Ringo's drum practise. Cliodhna Norris is the sister of Una and Turlough but her relationship with her brother is tense as she suspects him of being mercenary and manipulative.


Ray complains to Ringo that he's going stir crazy in hospital and then finds out he is due to be discharged.


Ray hatches a plan to escape but Ringo catches him and gives him a good talking to.


+ Wednesday 11th February 2009

Cliodhna is sick of Ringo's incessant drumming but he tells her being a musician is as central to his identity as being a nurse. Una advises Cliodhna to park her exercise bike in front of the drum kit and beat Ringo at his own game


+ Thursday 12th February 2009

Cliodhna and Ringo continue to bicker over their different visions for a shared home until Cliodhna has a brainwave.


+ Wednesday 18th February 2009

Ringo recommends Ray take up drumming for some therapy


+ Thursday 19th February 2009

Ray continues with his anti-clerical rants and agrees to take some of his pent up frustrations out on Ringo's drum kit.


+ Sunday 22nd February 2009

Ray buys Sean some drum lessons, having noted the lad's enthusiasm over at Ringo's


+ Tuesday 24th February 2009

Cliodhna answers the door to a youngster called Gloria who is looking for Ringo but refuses to leave a message. Gloria goes to the hospital where Ringo works as a nurse and sees him for the first time. Gloria breaks the news to Ringo that he is her father.


+ Thursday 26th February 2009

Else where in Carrigstown Cliodhna is suspicious of new arrival Gloria and instructs Ringo to find out more about her.


Ringo and Keith discuss the fact that one or other of them is likely the father, given than Keith had a one night stand with Linda, while she was dating Ringo, around the time of conception. They discuss a paternity test though Keith is far from ready to be a father to a teenage daughter.


+ Sunday 1st March 2009

Ringo prepares for the paternity test. An escape to Sierra Leone and from domestic life with Cliodhna grows more appealing by the day. Keith confesses reluctantly to Una that his brief romance with Linda Leahy was more than just a one night stand and more like a two month affair. Hence his fear of the outcome of the paternity test.


Una reveals to Ringo and Cliodhna that Keith could in fact be the father. A scuffle ensues between Ringo and Keith, which Gloria observes, upset. Feeling that neither Keith or Ringo are keen on being her father, Gloria refuses to take the DNA test.


Ringo tells Una he is going to take up the GOAL volunteer position in Africa, and as soon

as possible.

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