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By The Keith Duffy Experience Team, Mar 29 2015 05:00PM

Keith has become co-owner of Irish tyre sales and car accessories business Tyreland.

Founded by Garrett Haughey, the company began trading seven years ago and given the economic conditions has concentrated since then on offering value for money while maintaining excellent customer care.

This business model has resulted in steady growth - Tyreland now has now five Dublin depots and a sixth in Co Meath.

Already employing over 20 staff, it plans to further expand through the course of the year and is actively looking for suitable premises across the country.

Initially the company focused only on tyre sales. Today it can offer customers the latest in wheel alignment technology, minor mechanical works, brake pads and disc replacement and a range of batteries, wiper blades and bulbs.

A self-confessed ‘petrol head’, Keith has always been interested in anything car related and he believes that now is the perfect time for him to be directly involved in the industry.

Tyreland had approached Keith around eight months ago regarding becoming an ambassador for the company. While Keith wasn’t interested in this, it started discussions which ended up with him investing in and becoming a co-owner in Tyreland.

"I love the Tyreland concept. You only have to listen to customer feedback to know that it works - people want value for money and a great service - and if they get it they tell others. It’s no surprise then that the company experiences a high level of referral and repeat business,” he said.

SOURCE: businessandleadership.com/

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