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By The Keith Duffy Experience Team, Feb 13 2012 07:15PM

After a triumphant run of 55 sold out shows, Keith's time as Teddy Heelin in Big Maggie came to an end on Saturday at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin.

This is where we need your help.. if you went to see any of the performances, we want to know your thoughts. Let us know by writing a review; it can be short & sweet or it can be more detailed, it's up to you. But either way, your review could be featured on our Big Maggie page in time for the launch of the rest of our site.

If you think that's something you could help us with, send your reviews to [email protected] (Be sure to include your full name and twitter name - if you have one - so we can credit you)

By The Keith Duffy Experience Team, Nov 17 2011 12:54PM

A review of Big Maggie has appeared on IrishTimes.com. Read on below for their thoughts.


'It is the day of her husband’s funeral, an occasion for which she expresses a level of grief best reserved for recently spilled milk, and Maggie Polpin is all business. She haggles over the cost of a headstone, economising on the epitaph: “There’s enough lies written on the headstones of Ireland without my adding to them”. She then convenes her four children for the will – which, in this case, could be more accurately described as a “won’t” – as though it were an EGM. Big Maggie – shrewish widow, tough-love disciplinarian and dab hand at breaking spirits – has just discovered her liberty: “there’s new management here now”.

By The Keith Duffy Experience Team, Nov 11 2011 06:28PM

'The bright side of the Street'

From rte.ie/ten/

Contrary to rumours, Keith Duffy's not leaving Coronation Street - in fact he might even move to Manchester next year. Donal O'Donoghue meets an upbeat performer to talk about the loss of his friend Stephen, his future in Weatherfield and why family is so important.

"Do you like my haircut?" says Keith Duffy, bouncing about like a prizefighter. "You know I had long hair this morning." And now? Well, now the actor and singer is sporting a matinee look for his role as the rakish Teddy in Druid's production of Big Maggie. "I love Mad Men", says Duster, as his fellow Boyzone members know him. "I actually wanted one of their haircuts."

By The Keith Duffy Experience Team, Oct 27 2011 08:47PM

From Galway Advertiser

- “I find theatre very exciting” Keith Duffy on Boyzone, Corrie and Druid -

Rehearsals are currently under way for Druid’s upcoming production of John B Keane’s Big Maggie and among the cast is Keith Duffy who plays the part of travelling salesman Teddy Heelin. At the end of Monday’s rehearsals, Duffy sat down to talk about the play and reflect on some of the highlights of his years in music, television, and performing. “I’m very lucky to have had the career that I have,” he states candidly. “As a teenager I wasn’t very ambitious, I was quite insecure and didn’t have much confidence in myself. Getting into Boyzone was the first bit of luck I’d had in life. And we didn’t really know what it was we were trying to create, whether it was a hit single or to sell out a big venue, we were all new to the business. Everything just seemed to happen naturally, it’s only looking back you realise how lucky we were.


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