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By The Keith Duffy Experience Team, Sep 30 2014 12:19PM

Keith was on ITV's Lorraine programme this morning talking about his guest role in the comedy series 'Job Lot,' as well as Boyzone's forthcoming Motown album. You can catch up with that interview on ITV's website here; www.itv.com/lorraine/

Keith's episode of Job Lot goes out tomorrow (which happens to coincide with his 40th birthday!) at 10.00pm on ITV2.

By The Keith Duffy Experience Team, Aug 12 2014 11:00PM

ITV has confirmed more details about The Job Lot's second season – and it includes the casting of Boyzone star Keith Duffy.

The sitcom will begin its second run on ITV2 in the autumn before screening later on the main channel, with Russell Tovey and Sarah Hadland returning as Karl and Trish.

Casualty's Laura Aikman has joined the cast as new Deputy Manager Natalie, while Sophie McShera, Tony Maudsley, Jo Enright, Martin Marquez, Angela Curran and Adeel Akhtar all return.

Among the second season's guest stars are Meera Syal as a CEO of a Midlands hot tub company and Keith Duffy as a telephone engineer with a 'roving eye'.

"It's great to welcome back the brilliantly beleaguered workers and job seekers of the Brownall Job Centre - and this time round with some excellent guest stars, who'll be joining our regular ensemble comedy cast," said Elaine Bedell, ITV's director of comedy & entertainment.

Since 2006, Keith Duffy has built up an acting career, playing roles in shows such as Fair City, Coronation Street and Love/Hate, as well as appearing on stage in the likes of John B Keane's Big Maggie.

SOURCE: http://www.rte.ie/ten/news/

By The Keith Duffy Experience Team, Feb 3 2014 01:34PM

Saturday saw Keith's semi-final of 'Splash!' take place. He was diving with a back injury that he picked up in training during the week, but he took on both his dives in the best way he could. He received 21.5 out of 30 from the judges for his first and 23 for his second. Up against Perri Kiely from Diversity, Michaela Strachan and Danielle Lloyd; it was Perri that made it straight through to the final on viewers votes. Keith then had to dive again in the splash-off against Michaela and the judges put Keith through to the final, 2 to 1.

As well as getting into the final, he also managed to get everyone talking due to his trunks falling down on each of his dives! Everyone seems to now be looking forward to that final! (It takes place in 2 weeks time on Saturday 15th February, in case you were wondering!)


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