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By The Keith Duffy Experience Team, Nov 11 2011 06:28PM

'The bright side of the Street'

From rte.ie/ten/

Contrary to rumours, Keith Duffy's not leaving Coronation Street - in fact he might even move to Manchester next year. Donal O'Donoghue meets an upbeat performer to talk about the loss of his friend Stephen, his future in Weatherfield and why family is so important.

"Do you like my haircut?" says Keith Duffy, bouncing about like a prizefighter. "You know I had long hair this morning." And now? Well, now the actor and singer is sporting a matinee look for his role as the rakish Teddy in Druid's production of Big Maggie. "I love Mad Men", says Duster, as his fellow Boyzone members know him. "I actually wanted one of their haircuts."

By The Keith Duffy Experience Team, May 8 2011 04:11PM

Keith appeared on 'The Late Late Show' with his wife, Lisa on Friday. They spoke movingly about their daughter, Mia's Autism and as always, did an excellent job of raising awareness of the condition. If you missed the interview and would like to catch it; here's the link you need - http://www.rte.ie/tv/latelate/

Also revealed on the show on Friday was some exclusive Duffy family news; Keith's son Jay has landed a part in Channel 4 soap, 'Hollyoaks'. He begins filming in Two weeks so should be seen on screen in a few months time. Jay has now joined his dad on twitter so if you wish to follow him, you can do so by going here - http://twitter.com/jaydusterjr

UPDATE: Jay changed his username to @jay_duffy96


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