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By The Keith Duffy Experience Team, Feb 19 2014 08:00PM

In a hard-fought final which saw all 4 contestants take on a synchro dive alongside Tom Daley, as well as an individual dive; Keith finished the evening bottom of the leaderboard on 51 points from the judges but was pushed up to third on viewers votes. Diversity star Perry Kiely won, with paralympian Richard Whitehead taking the runner-up spot.

By The Keith Duffy Experience Team, Feb 3 2014 01:34PM

Saturday saw Keith's semi-final of 'Splash!' take place. He was diving with a back injury that he picked up in training during the week, but he took on both his dives in the best way he could. He received 21.5 out of 30 from the judges for his first and 23 for his second. Up against Perri Kiely from Diversity, Michaela Strachan and Danielle Lloyd; it was Perri that made it straight through to the final on viewers votes. Keith then had to dive again in the splash-off against Michaela and the judges put Keith through to the final, 2 to 1.

As well as getting into the final, he also managed to get everyone talking due to his trunks falling down on each of his dives! Everyone seems to now be looking forward to that final! (It takes place in 2 weeks time on Saturday 15th February, in case you were wondering!)

By The Keith Duffy Experience Team, Jan 15 2014 06:00PM

Keith appeared on the 11th January edition of Splash! and his inward dive tuck impressed the judges and viewers alike, as he finished the evening on top of the leaderboard, and was voted straight through to the semi-finals! Semi-finals take place on the weekends of the 1st and 8th February and Keith will feature in one of those, so make sure you tune in to see if he can make the final!

Meanwhile, here's a few stills from the show which, of course, include Keith in 'those' trunks! And more images can be viewed in our dedicated splash! gallery here

By The Keith Duffy Experience Team, Dec 28 2013 04:11PM

Keith is taking part in the second series of ITV's celebrity diving contest, 'Splash!' It starts on 4th January 2014, however, Keith won't be in the first heat - At the moment, we're not sure which episode our man will appear in but here's a couple of pictures to keep you going until we do know!


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