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Shane Eamon Mark Stephen Lynch


3rd July 1976


Noeleen, Brendan

Tara, Allison, Keavy, Edele, Naomi

Sheena White -

Married 22nd August 2007

Daughters; Billie-Rae

(Born 25th October 2008) & Marley-Mae (Born 19th September 2012)

British Drift Championship Driver

EP; Stand Tall, No Pride

2000   (Keith 'n' Shane) Girl You Know it's True   Single

2005   Don't Go                                                       Single

2005   Stand Tall, No Pride                                     EP


NAME: Keith Peter Thomas Francis John Duffy

AKA: Duster, Duffy

D.O.B: 1st October 1974


PARENTS: Pat & Sean

SIBLINGS: Derek, John

WIFE: Lisa Smith - Married 24th June 1998

CHILDREN: Son; Jordan (Jay) (Born 22nd April 1996)

                   Daughter; Mia (Born 11th March 2000)








Boyzone songs that have the most connection to

Shane personally.

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Kicked out of school at the age of fourteen, Shane Lynch didn't have a grand plan. No burning ambitions. He just took life as it came, surviving on his boyish charm and gift of the blag. So when a friend asked him how he felt about forming a boy band he thought, 'Sure, why not?' He didn't sing, he didn't play an instrument, but hey, so what? He'd make it up as he went along. He was a survivor. He was a chancer. But when the Boyzone phenomenon finally took off, Shane soon started to kick against the manic world he found himself hurled into. Relentless media pressure, a dangerous foray into the occult, his marriage breakdown and the eventual band split took their toll on a man who could never quite get to grips with what all the fuss was about.


'This is Shane Lynch's own compelling and remarkably frank account of the schoolboy failure who achieved fame and fortune beyond his wildest dreams - and ended up angry, disillusioned, empty and alone. For anyone who's ever found themselves asking, 'What's it all about?' the answers are here. In black and white.'

2008 - The Chancer - Autobiography


Winner of the sporting contest (Holds records

for Diving, Weightlifting, Javelin & Gymnastics Vault)


Footballing drama; played Millionaire Chairman of Harchester United, Eli Knox.

Runner-up of this fun motoring gameshow.

Celebrity 'dating' show - Favourite to win but left of his own accord in the fifth week.


Quiz Show

Documentary on Irish TV that followed Shane & Sheena as they got married.

Circus themed reality gameshow - Shane was injured in the 6th week of competition & had to withdraw.

Classic gameshow that discovers just how much couples know about each other.

Sheena, Keavy & Edele helped him out in another

classic gameshow.


Judge & Mentor for the Dublin area.


Documentary taking Shane back to relive his previous jobs


Shane takes part in a hustle, disguised as a hobo.


Documentary for Channel 5 in which Shane explores dyslexia & his own struggle with it

Shane made the semi-finals of the cooking-based TV show

2004, 2006 - The Games



2004, 2005 - Dream Team


2005 - Stars in Fast Cars

2006 - Love Island



2007 - Don't Call Me Stupid

2007 - A Boyz Own Wedding


2007 - Cirque de Celebrité


2008 - All Star Mr & Mrs


2009 -  All Star Family Fortunes



2009, 2010 - All Ireland Talent Show


2010 - Back on the Job


2012 - The Real Hustle


2013 - My Secret Past


2013 - Celebrity Masterchef



1999 - Ford KA Championship - KA - Ford Motorsport

2000 - Ginetta Championship - Ginetta 27 - Eclipse Motorsport

2001 - British GT Championship - Marcos Mantis - Eclipse Motorsport

           (Co-drivers: Michael Mallock, Shane Bland, Ben McLoughlin)

2002 - British GT Championship - TVR Tuscan R400 - Eclipse Motorsport

           (Co-driver: Ben McLoughlin)

2003 - British GT Championship - TVR Tuscan R400 - Eclipse Motorsport

           2 wins, one 2nd place, three 3rd places - End of season: 3rd

           (Co-driver: Piers Johnson)

2005 - British GT Championship - Ferrari 360 Modena - Christians in Motorsport

           Took part in the Silverstone Round

2007 - European Drift Championship - Nissan Skyline R33 - Team Japspeed

2008 - European Drift Championship - Nissan Skyline R33 - Team Japspeed

           British Drift Championship - Nissan Skyline R33 -  Team Japspeed - End of Season: 6th

2009 - British Drift Championship - Nissan Silvia S15 - Team Japspeed - End of Season: 5th

           Prodrift Superseries - Nissan Silvia S15 - Team Japspeed

2010 - British Drift Championship - Nissan Silvia S15 V8 - Team Japspeed - End of Season: 4th

2011 - British Drift Championship - Nissan Silvia S15 V8 - Team Japspeed - End of Season: 4th

2012 - British Drift Championship - Nissan Silvia S15 V8 - Team Japspeed

2013 - British Drift Championship - Nissan Silvia S15 V8 - Team Japspeed - End of Season: 16th

2014 - British Drift Championship - Nissan Silvia S15 V8 - Team Japspeed - End of Season: 17th



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keithnshanemusicGYNIT shanemusicDontGo shanemusicSTNP shanethechancer

1. Girl You Know it's True (K+S)

2. Girl You Know it's True (The EBH Mix)

3. Be Like Us, Sound Like Us

4. Girl You Know it's True (Video CD-Rom)

CD 1: 1. Don't Go

          2. Drive      

CD 2: 1. Don't Go

          2. That Smile

          3. Don't Go (Piano Edit)

1. Waiting for the World

2. One for the Road

3. Words (Featuring Edwina Hayes)

4. Good Things

5. Stand Tall, No Pride

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