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+ 7th November 2004

Things are hotting up as affairs start rising to the surface. Paul tells Keelin he knows about her and Ed and begs her not to say anything to Yvonne about his carry on at the stag party. Meanwhile, Yvonne hears Keelin and Paul fighting about his stag night antics and loses her temper with Keelin and tells her she doesn't want her to be her bridesmaid any more.


+ 28th October 2007

Keelin sees Ronan’s partner, Paul, (Keith Duffy) for a physio session and notices an unusual blue tinge to his leg. Out of concern, she refers Paul to Clodagh, who reveals to Keelin that the news isn’t good: Paul has Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) – a clogging of the arteries that could cause a heart-attack at any time: he’s a ticking time-bomb.  Keelin worries that leg-cramps brought on by this condition may have caused Paul’s recent car-accident, in which Ronan was involved and so, terrified for Ronan’s safety, she asks Clodagh to tell Pauls’ boss in the ERU.


As Clodagh refuses to break doctor-patient confidentiality, and Ronan won’t betray his friend by telling their boss, an opportunity presents itself to Keelin. Though the ERU team must pass regular physicals, they don’t undergo medical exams. Keelin proposes that the Clinic carry out combined medical/physicals for the ERU team – a test that would certainly show up Paul’s PAD. Though she realises this would mean a downgrade to desk-duty for Paul, she’s determined to protect her husband however she can.


Paul then resigns from the ERU and threatens Clodagh with legal action for telling Keelin about his PAD. Fighting with Ronan who’s furious that he’s lost his best friend and is being shunned by colleagues, Keelin feels very alone and doubts whether she was right to act how she did in order to keep her husband safe.


+ 4th November 2007

Clodagh and Keelin are not on speaking terms because of Paul Dunne's legal action against Clodagh. Paul suffers a heart attack due to his illness



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2004 - 2007

RTE one

Paul Dunne

Keith played an Emergency Response Unit driver; Paul Dunne in three seasons of the Irish medical drama who in series 5, discovers he has Peripheral Arterial

Disease (PAD)




Snippets from some of the episodes Keith appeared in -